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What Is Cognitive Function?

What is cognitive function? Cognition is the process of thought which leads to knowing or knowledge.

Cognitive function refers to brain based skills needed to carry out tasks. Cognitive functions are more about the processes needed to carry out tasks such as: how you learn, remember or pay attention. They are not about the knowledge you have learned.

Examples of cognitive functions include:

  • attention and focus
  • conceptual skills
  • listening skills
  • motor control
  • problem solving
  • visual/spatial skills
  • working memory

Cognitive functions are like a muscle, if not used regularly, they decrease over time. Conversely, if exercised properly they can improve. A well balanced program of practice can help you to:

  • improve reaction times
  • improve concentration
  • improve memory
  • improve decision making
  • improve problem solving
  • improve planning skills

Age related cognitive skill decline starts around age 40, when your brain processing speed slows down. You can start a brain training program before age 40 or at any time afterwards and still get results.

You are never too young nor too old
to improve your brain fitness!

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